RockNationTV is a community founded by myself, DeeRockUK, I originally started on on September 17th 2019. Within the first nine months I had successfully established a following of over 2,000 followers and also achieved the ranking of Partnership and became a Mixer Partner.

Though it was short lived, shortly after that accomplishment, Microsoft announced that Mixer was closing down indefinitely.

Since then I took my journey with the community myself and everyone else has continued to build and we moved to Twitch.

I found that other companies who offered websites for streamers, myself included at the time, were very based towards advertising the company and very minimal efforts were put in place to feature the streamer, who in my opinion, is the showcase. I decided to cancel my subscription with one of the biggest streamer relevant website providers and begin my own journey developing my own.

After building it for myself, a number of other streamers expressed their interests in getting a custom website, connected to their Twitch profile, clips, chat, video and sponsors and using that as their new website to showcase their brand. Twitch Streamer Websites from that point became a new and first product for me to bring to a public facing audience.


Websites tailored for you as a streamer / content creator.


£13 / Month

Already have a website domain? No problem! We can offer just the website service and use your own pre-registered domain!
  • £5.00 Initial Setup Fee
  • No Hidden fees
  • Incl. Future Updates & Support
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Website & Domain Registration

£13 / Month

No idea where to go and how to start? We've got you covered, we can register a domain (, .com, .tv), discuss before registering and check availability if you already have one in mind.
  • £15.00 Initial Setup Fee

    (Subject to vary depending on domain cost)

  • No Hidden fees
  • Incl. Future Updates & Support
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